Conditions of shipping from Russia

Formation of optimal logistics and distribution

• Delivery of goods from grow fields and production facilities in Russia to customers’ retail chains and processing factories;
• Management of risks arising in distributor networks;
• Stock storage and handling in accordance with industry standards;
• Shipping and transport documentation;
• Certification and customs clearance for Russian customers;
•  Customized transport and shipping documents in accordance with foreign trade regulations and requirements of exporting and importing countries;
• Forwarding of goods by sea, rail or road;
• Creation of an efficient supply chain from FOB Origin / FCA Warehouse to DAP / DDP Destination;
• Cargo insurance;
• Goods storage at transit warehouses;
• Quality control at all stages of cargo transportation;
• Obtaining all necessary certificates for goods in accordance with sanitary-epidemiological and phytosanitary requirements and regulations of the importing country.
• Arrangement and execution of all customs formalities.